Shantanu Sharma

Hi there, welcome to my home page! I am a multidisciplinary researcher and computer scientist by training. Recently, I co-founded a company STEM Lending, a FinTech startup, based in New York City. 

My previous roles include as a CTO at EdTech startup Yellowdig; VP in at Goldman Sachs Technology Division, developing technologies for multi-asset buy-side trading. Earlier I was a Lead Scientist in GE's Corporate Research headquarters in upstate New York. My interest lies in businesses grounded on research & technology. 

My name is spelled as ʃɑːntʌnʊ ʃɑrmɑː 

You may connect with me on Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook/Google+.

Prior to joining GE, I gained experience in diverse business verticals: technology, healthcare, investment banking and higher education. I worked at Tower Research Capital, a hedge fund; Mismi, an algorithmic trading start-up; and Citigroup, a top-tier investment bank. Here, my work was in algorithmic high frequency trading. In 2009, I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a PhD in Biochemistry, with dual minor in Computational Biology, Molecular Biophysics. In 2004, I graduated from IIT Kanpur with a BTech in Computer Science & Engineering. Even earlier, I studied at Delhi Public School, Bhilai, where I was the Head Boy during 1999-2000.

My doctoral dissertation, Computational modeling and automation techniques to study biomolecular dynamics is available on Amazon. My bachelor's thesis, A novel approach to structural comparison of proteins, is available here.

You may also reach me via email.